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Epilepsy Awareness & Support

Epilepsy Quality of Life (eQOL) is an online meeting space created with the aim of supporting and connecting people with epilepsy, their carers and families, and health professionals.

Using our easy-to-navigate publishing platform, eQOL members can share epilepsy resources and research papers for other members to access and discuss in the comment section. In this way, we aim to create a repository of information for people with epilepsy. All of our resources are free to access via our online hub once you register with the site.

Our key areas of focus are those which have a significant impact on the quality of life of people with epilepsy. These could be direct quality-of-life/mental health impacts due to epileptic symptoms, the effects of anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs), or broader areas of treatment like nutrition, and the ketogenic diet.

By facilitating the sharing and discussion of research and resources we hope to boost epilepsy awareness, amplify personal experiences of life with epilepsy, and provide a relaxed community space for members to build connections and support networks.


Read more about eQOL here.