Making the most of your AEDs

Published: 17 Feb 2020
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See the downloadable resource below explaining how to effectively take Anti Epilepsy Drugs (AEDs), along with the following topics:

Starting on anti-epileptic drugs - When you start taking anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs) you will slowly build up the dose. This gives your body time to get used to it. It also makes side effects less likely to occur. Side effects are more prominent during the first months; however, it is still advised to talk to your doctor about them.

Taking anti-epileptic drugs – This section discusses the importance of taking your medication exactly as prescribed - as an irregularity in taking medication can cause seizures – and what to do if you under or overdose.

Branded or Generic Anti-Epileptic Drugs - There may be small differences between branded and generic versions of a particular AED, such as a different coating or binding material. Even though the active ingredient stays the same, this may change the way the AEDs control seizures. Most people will be fine but in some cases a switch between branded and generic versions could trigger a seizure or cause side effects.

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