Helping Patients Manage Side Effects of AEDs

Published: 17 Feb 2020
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The direct physical impact of side effects of AEDs (Anti-epileptic drugs):

Type A effects – Drowsiness, Dizziness

Type B effects – Rashes

Type C effects – Chronic effects

Type D effects – Teratogenic (child development) and carcinogenic (cancer causing) effects


Learning about the side effects of anti-epileptic drugs


Where can I find out about the side effects of my particular medicine?


Is it normal to get side effects?


Will there definitely be side effects to my medicines?


Does anything make side effects more likely or worse?


What should I do If I get side effects?


Will my medicines affect my birth control?


Will my medicines affect my baby If I get pregnant?


Will my medicines affect my memory?


Will my medicines affect any other medicines I take for other conditions?


If I’ve been taking older epilepsy medicines for many years and am living with the side effects, is there something I can do now?


What is the Yellow Card Scheme and why is it important?

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