Diet and Nutrition: How does Diet affect Epilepsy?

Published: 18 Feb 2020
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Click the link below to read an article by Epilepsy Society, discussing how diet and nutrition can affect epilepsy, and how the effects of AEDs can be changed with different diets.


The following topics are covered in more detail in this article:


How does diet affect epilepsy? – This section discusses the importance of nutrients, sleep and diet on reducing the risk of seizures. Also explains the roles of Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, Fruit, and Vegetables.


Energy levels and food – This section includes a list of foods that give a steady release of energy, and a list of foods that may cause energy peaks and slumps (which may increase chances of seizures in patients of epilepsy).


Different types of fats – Fats to avoid where possible include trans fats and hydrogenated fats, however fats from foods like oily fish should be consumed.


Vitamin and mineral supplements – “A varied, and healthy diet will provide all the vitamins and minerals they need, and taking unnecessary supplements can be harmful.” This section discusses the different vitamins that should be taken, and what vitamins should be avoided (or taken in smaller doses) to improve overall health.

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